Oil Skimmer Visco Engineers design & manufactures all types of oil skimmer on the customer requirements. VISCO make Oil skimmers are simple, dependable and an effective machine for removing oil, grease and other hydrocarbons from water. Often, skimmer by itself can achieve the desired level of water purity. In more demanding situations, skimming is a cost-effective means of removing most of the oil before using more complicated and costly treatments such as coalesces, membrane filters and chemical processes.
Belt Type - VISCO Belt type oil skimmers utilize a special belt of Elastomer. This belt is lowered into the liquid that needs to be cleaned. The belt then passes through special wiper blades, which remove the oil from both sides of the liquid as it passes through. Our oil skimmers are availed within the range of 15 inches to 20 feet belt length with S.S 304 Roller. Belt length is measured by center distance of top and tail pulley.
Portable Oil Skimmer - Our portable oil skimmers are very effective and efficient in its specific applications in various water treatment systems. These oil skimmers prevent any kind of water from being polluted in a host of sectors, industries. These portable devices are used in small spaces such as sumps and manholes.
Industrial Oil Skimmer


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