Air Bubble Membrane Diffuser- Welcome to VISCO, the service division of air diffuser, committed to excellence in supplying diffusers, membranes, and specialty diffuser items for new and exciting water and waste water treatment applications. We manufacture fine bubble tubular air diffuser EPDM and silicon and other coarse bubble disc type air diffuser.

Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser
We manufacture all types (tube & disc type) and all sizes of fine bubble membrane diffuser.
- High Grade EPDM, Silicon & PTFE coated
- Open end design - one piece Moulded PVC
- Stainless Steel AISI 304 

Diameter and Length Air pressure Requirement
Dia 67mm X 610mm
Dia 67mm X 1000mm
Dia 90mm X 1000mm

5 - 7 m3 / hr
7 - 9 m3 / hr
8 - 12 m3 / hr

Coarse Bubble Membrane Diffuser
The coarse bubble diffusers are available in stainless steel and PBC. The membrane is available in form of sponge and EPDM.
Available in all shapes & sizes

Diffused aeration system (Download Brochure)  
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